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Prime Hotels Sustainability Statement

We Are Going Green

Prime Hotels is a wholly New Zealand owned and operated company, and a subsidiary of the Prime Property Group. We at Prime Hotels acknowledge that our activities in business can have an impact on the environment that we live in. We accept that it is our responsibility to take the necessary steps to continually reduce the hotels impact on the local environment and achieve the highest sustainability possible.

The following aspects of our hotels’ operation are examples of our commitment to achieving sustainable business practices:

Energy Efficiency

  • We are replacing all standard bulbs with eco bulbs to reduce energy consumption.
  • We monitor our electricity usage in comparison to previous years.
  • We have a commitment to replace all light switches with power save switches, which reduces energy usage by ensuring that energy to power lights is only used when the rooms are occupied.

Water conservation

  • Guests can choose not to have their rooms serviced each day which reduces the amount of water, energy, and chemicals used by the hotels.
  • We have water reducing shower nozzles in most of our showers, with a policy of replacing inefficient nozzles.

Administration/Back of House

  • We securely recycle all office paperwork
  • Our food and beverage department recycles waste where possible
  • We limit the use of chemicals throughout the hotels
  • Half toilet rolls and toilet boxes are put in staff areas and not disposed of.
  • We have regular checks and services as arranged by third party suppliers who monitor our building for companies and safety.
  • In back of house areas, lights are required to be switched off before exiting, as are computers.

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